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Praise for CB Teachers and Students

Charles D. Baker, member Central Bucks school board stated, "I'm proud of our school board and faculty and that our cost per student is the lowest and out test scores are the highest in Bucks County."
-The Intelligencer, Letters to the Editor March 22, 2011

Guest Opinion: CB students are great

Paul B. Faulkner, president of the Central Bucks school board stated, "Our students in the Central Bucks School District are great kids and very successful. Their scores, rankings and achievements speak for themselves on a state and national level." He continues, " Our teachers are some of the best in the country. They are recognized on the state and national level almost monthly. The scores, rankings, and achievements of our students are a direct reflection of the leadership, guidance, mentoring and teaching that they receive in the classroom on a daily basis. Our kids would not be nearly as successful as they are if not for the challenges and the level of professionalism provided to them by this professional staff.
-Posted: PhillyBurbs.com Monday, February 28, 2011 [Updated Thurs. March 3, 2011]

Praise for CB Teachers and Students

PhillyBurbs.com highlighted CB school board member, Stephen Corr's recent comments. "...Central Bucks students have for the past few years had the highest PSSA scores in Bucks County and have ranked in the top 10 in the state. Nearly 70 percent of the high school special education students scored "advanced" or "proficient" on PSSA tests last year. About 85 percent of the high school students who took Advanced Placement exams scored high enough to earn college credit.  He talked further about, " the volunteer work students do and the special efforts teachers have made to help their students." He also stated, "Positive things are happening every day in every one of our schools."
-February 22, 2011

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Student Recognition Highlights

From cbsd.org: 

 "(Central Bucks School District's) PSSA test scores are highest in the county, 4th highest in the tri-county area and 6th highest in the state. 92% of CB students further their education at two and four year colleges, and CB has a graduation rate of more than 99%.
Central Bucks students also score very highly on the four "transition tasks" given at key points throughout their education. In third, sixth, ninth and twelfth grade all students are assessed on projects that test: mastery of knowledge, time management and written and oral skills.
Art, music, technology and physical education classes are provided to all students. Secondary students can choose from nearly fifty clubs or teams to enhance their skills and leadership abilities. Each high school also offers eighteen advanced placement classes.
98% of Central Bucks special education students are placed in the district. Currently, 11% of the student population receive these special education services, and an additional 7% receive gifted education services.
In the spring of 2005, Central Bucks received the "Ambassador Award" from the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. This award is presented to organizations or individuals whose reputations cross county boundaries and attract attention to our community. Central Bucks is proud to be an Ambassador for our community, and proud to welcome you to our community."